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Psychological Evaluation

Addressing the psychological and behavioral contributors to obesity and ensuring that you are prepared to undergo surgery is an important step in treatment. I am a licensed forensic psychologist who regularly conducts pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluations.

There are a variety of reasons that a pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluation would be required including: your surgeon requires it, your insurance requires it, or to learn more about your challenges with eating.

The evaluation is not a pass or fail test. It is meant to help identify potential problems that might lead to difficulty after surgery. Many individuals may suffer from mood or anxiety problems; however, these are typically not reasons to delay or deny surgery. Most patients that we evaluate are ready to have surgery and those who may need treatment prior to surgery will be given individualized recommendations for such. 

The evaluation is meant to be a tool to help your surgeon decide if surgery is currently appropriate. It is your surgeon who will make a decision as to whether they will proceed with the surgery, not the psychologist.

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